Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ahead of the curve

Calista has recently figured out that she is wholly capable of writing stories. Possibly this comes from the fact she's seen that her dad writes books and such (wow. Talk about corruption of the innocent). She's taken to writing them on the computer (again, like dad) and they all boast creative spelling and a breathless, one sentence per page narrative drive to them. No bloated James Michener, she.

At any rate, I am pleased to report that she has invented the surprise ending. Well, maybe not the surprise ending so much--she saw the Neverending Story the other night, and the ending hit her like a lightning bolt to the head. But she took the concept and ran with it, writing a story about a mother cat that had kittens... only the mother cat wakes up and realizes it was all just a dream! I'm so proud. On the evolutionary journey of a writer, my oldest daughter is already the storytelling equal of half of Hollywood. "Only a dream" is a significant milestone in any writer's development. And to think she's not even in first grade yet!

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