Friday, June 17, 2005

Well, this is cool

There's a review of Voices of Vision up on the new edition of SFSite. What's more, it's a good review, which is the best sort of review to get. Warms the cockles of my cold, black heart, it does. Here's a taste:
Blaschke's style and questions indicate that he conducts intensive research prior to his interviews. He isn't interested in asking the standard questions which his subjects will have heard so many times before, but rather trying to delve into new territory. Even more importantly, Blaschke listens to his subjects' answers and is able to ask intelligent follow-up questions and tailor the interview topics to those answers on the fly.

It's nice to see someone point to that, as I always try to research my subjects beforehand (mostly by reading existing interviews, so that I don't simply repeat the same old, same old questions). But when you do as many interviews as I have, there is still that element of second-guessing that creeps in. When I'm interviewing someone like, say, Jacqueline Carey, I find myself worrying that readers are going to cry foul because I reuse a question I posed to, say, Walter Jon Williams five years earlier. But it's nice to see someone else dismissing those concerns, even if they persist in lurking in the dank, dark recesses of my mind.

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