Monday, June 20, 2005

Random spiffiness

Mark Finn, that longtime Austin fixture boasting uncanny ape-mimicking abilities beyond those of mere mortals, has won a pair of honest-to-Crom Robert E. Howard literary scholarship awards. Normally I'd say something nice and congratulatory at this point, but with Finn I fear he'd lose all respect for me and start referring to me as a "touchy-feely, girly-man wuss." So instead, I offer a hearty "Up yours, Finn!"

Some of you may remember that I'm fiction editor at RevolutionSF, where, on occasion, craziness strikes me and I actually publish fiction by folks both more talented and prettier than I am. The most recent short story up is Suburbia Deserta by Chris Nakashima-Brown, which is a heapin' dose of slipstreaming goodness. This opinion is confirmed by no less an authority than Bruce Sterling, who gosh-wows about it on Beyond the Beyond. We've never been Slashdotted, but now we can claimed to be Wired.

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