Monday, June 20, 2005

Oh yeah... Father's Day

Father's Day went off without a hitch. The girls took me to luch at a chinese food restaurant we frequent, and I ate too much of their seafood offerings. Calista loaded up on sushi, maintaining her position as the most sushi-obsessed six year old I know. Then we went and saw Howl's, which you already knew.

The presents were altogether unexpected. Not that I was surprised about getting some--one thing this family likes is giving presents--but the actual items themselves were unanticipated. Calista and Keela had made porcelain tiles with a colorful painted handprint on each one, from each of them. I was informed that some convincing had to be made to get Keela to give her's to me, as opposed to her original plan of giving it to the Easter Bunny. So now I know how I stack up in my youngest daughter's hierarchy of "people and mythical creatures to give stuff to." Keeps me humble. Calista gave me a small star-shaped pillow she made all by herself, using some leftover poison dart frog material from one of my convention vests. She cut the cloth and stitched it and stuffed it herself, informing me several times that it took "two whole days" to complete. It is, without a doubt, the most gloriously colorful poison dart frog pillow I've ever seen. And then they gave me the tent. A huge, cool and entirely unexpected tent which proved almost--but not quite--too large to set up in the back yard amongst the trees and swingset. I'm taking the gift as a not-so-subtle hint that the girls want me to take them camping sometime soon. So, Canyon Lake will be playing host to us before too long. Until then, we contented ourselves by roasting marshmellows on the gas grill, tossing the burnt ones to the appreciative beagles.

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