Saturday, June 11, 2005

Dragon Page radio

Okay, I'm new at this radio biz game. So sue me. Turns out that when they told me we'd "tape live" they meant the interview would be conducted in real time, with sound bumpers and all that jazz. But it wouldn't be broadcast at that time. Instead, it's put to bed in advance, to be packaged in their overall show which will be sent out over their various syndication conduits for broadcast the week of July 4-7. So all you folks who don't have the whole Podcasting schtick figured out yet have a three-week reprieve.

My actual interview segment was nine minutes long. The rapport I had with Michael and Evo was pretty good, I thought, and they seemed to like me. At least I didn't make a bigger fool of myself than I usually do (but I suspect I babbled--I always babble). They also had me cut a four-minute segment on "The Business of Writing," focusing on how writers should prepare themselves for interviews, be they print or live. It's a new segment for them, and they aren't all that clear themselves on its structure and content, so I'm afraid I probably fumbled around early on. But I finished strong, and they sounded happy with it, so who am I to second-guess anyone?

Just to let you guys know, at 2 p.m. Central Time today (Saturday), I'm to be interviewed by the fine folks over at the Dragon Page science fiction radio show. It's a weird and wonderful setup they've got: they've syndicated in top markets like Roswell, available via podcast and streaming over the Internet, and now coming atcha from space courtesy of XM Radio. Their website is if anyone is interested in hearing me make a complete fool of myself.

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