Thursday, June 09, 2005

A word of caution to bloggers out there

When you post about off-beat topics--particularly if you include pictures--you might want to look into a crystal ball to make sure that particular subject isn't going to become too popular on websearches. I'm talking about posts, such as my series of musings on el chupacabra, and also bodypainting. The former has generated all manner of Google hits from assorted Germans, Thais, Greeks and Filippinos seeking pictures of the mythical beast, while the latter has attracted legions of folks after naked images of Demi Moore.

Somehow, I don't think my blog is exactly what these people had in mind when they set out on their image quest. Not that I'd complain if they stuck around to read my other posts, or bought my book. But they're just looking at the pictures and surfing on, gobbling up vast amounts of bandwidth (well, maybe not vast, but enough to get my attention). I'm just saying, is all.

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