Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Return of the carpenter

One of my goals for last week's vacation was to make a good deal of progress on my years-long office bookcase project. Need I acknowledge the ugly truth by saying not nearly as much progress has progressed as I envisioned? Even so, I did manage a little bit of work. The cabinets below are going to comprise the base of the bookcase, and I've since "painted" them with a cherry stain/polyurethane coating.

unfinished Cannon Valley Woodwork cabinets

They still need a light sanding and a sanding sealer coat, but they're almost there. They're also carrying a couple of "unfortunatelys" as well. The four cabinets won't fit in the space I have, because of the 90-degree turn necessitated by using two walls. Which also means I need something for the corner to make things work properly. So I start looking at the area Lowes and Home Depots for something appropriate, and can't find any unfinished cabinetry similar to what I'm using. Everything available is pre-molded oak, and isn't really unfinished at all, but rather "mostly finished" with only the door left to be stained. So, as Google knows all, I did an online search for Cannon Valley Woodwork, the good folks who originally made the cabinets I'm using (remember, this project initially started in Temple, back in 1999 or so). Turns out, much to my chagrin, that Cannon Valley Woodwork filed for bankruptcy in 2000, with their factories and equipment auctioned off a couple of years later. So. I'm most definitely not going to be able to get what I'm looking for at any of the usual building supply centers. These things never can be easy, can they?

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  1. I like a guy who can admit that a project he is working on began in 1999. Procrastination will lead to a longer life. Maybe I could send you a few books. I'm an old guy with a lifetime of book accumulating and I keep swearing I've got to get rid of some of these books. Good luck on your project.

  2. Began in 1999 and 150 miles away, mind you! :-) If I'd jumped right into building the bookcase when I was in Temple, I'd have had to leave it behind not long after having finished it, which would've broken my heart (well, not really. But I would've cursed a lot).

    It's taken a year and a half to get settled in to the new place enough where I can seriously start work on it. I don't have to try to procrastinate--life itself takes care of that for me!