Monday, June 06, 2005

Awful, rotten, terrible news

Damn. This is really crummy news to start the week with. Warren Norwood, a science fiction writer from Weatherford I've known since 1988 (along with his wife, Gigi), was hospitalized May 24 with liver and kidney failure.

Warren's been battling health problems for years. At Aggiecon 20, there was a charity auction held to raise money to pay for medical bills resulting from cancer treatment, if I remember correctly. He was an instructor at one of the first writing workshops I ever attended back in '89, and a story I'd submitted was written so badly that he wrote a song about it and has called me "Thwack" ever since. Because of his health and other issues, he dropped out of the convention and SF circles I saw him in, until a couple of years ago, when he and Gigi made it to ConDFW one afternoon. They returned this past year as full-fledged panelists, and apparently had a great time getting reacquainted with friends they hadn't seen in a decade or so.

And now this. Damn. Life really sucks sometimes.

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