Friday, October 08, 2004

Bush is weird... wait, no, he's wired

More political facts coming atcha! Well, actually they're rumors and innuendo, but who's keeping track? By now, all of blogosphere is up in arms about Bush's supposedly being fed the answers during last week's debate. I initially discounted this idea as ludicrous for one simple reason: Bush's answers were mediocre at best. I mean, if Karl Rove were really playing puppetmaster, wouldn't his guy be coming off as genius? Well, that was before I read this story on the whole affair at Cryptome. In particular, this bit of information jumped out at me:
Suggestions that Bush may have using this technique stem from a D-day event in France, when a CNN broadcast appeared to pick up -- and broadcast to surprised viewers -- the sound of another voice seemingly reading Bush his lines, after which Bush repeated them. Danny Schechter, who operates the news site, and who has been doing some investigating into the wired-Bush rumors himself, said the Bush campaign has been worried of late about others picking up their radio frequencies -- notably during the Republican Convention on the day of Bush's appearance. "They had a frequency specialist stop me and ask about the frequency of my camera," Schechter said. "The Democrats weren't doing that at their convention."

I have no idea how much validity this wild internet speculation will ultimately turn out to have, but damn, it sure is funny. And I guarantee that every techno geek in the country with a political ax to grind will be all over these next two debates, trying to hack any extant Bush radio signal. If Dubya suddenly breaks into a rousing rendition of "Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian" during the town hall debate, it's safe to assume the hackers have been successful. Thanks to Steven Utley for the link.

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