Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I stayed up for this?

As if the Astros losing game one 10-7 wasn't bad enough, this third and final presidential debate was perhaps the most pitiful excuse for political discourse I've ever seen. Kerry fumbled and backslid into his old senatespeak, while Bush sputtered and salivated like an agitated Donald Duck. And neither said anything we haven't heard a hundred times before. What's the point of having three debates if you're just going to repeat the same old canned answers time and again, regardless of the question? And the U.S. is supposed to be a model of democracy? Puh-leeze. The only time the two candidates came anywhere close to an original thought was when the questions centered on their personal lives. Both suddenly came across as sincere and human. Beyond that, they were both morons. You'd think someone within their campaigns would be smart enough to catch on to the fact that it's possible to make the same point without trotting out the same old hoary catchphrases time and again, but no...

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