Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Yeah, what he said

Keith Olbermann has blogged a round-by-round analysis of the vice presidential debate, scoring it as if it were a boxing match. For the most part, his take on the even matches up with mine fairly closely, and is funny to boot:
Edwards runs through disparity between Bush claims and what Americans see. Turns “Shock and Awe” around on Cheney. A flurry! Turns around “everything 9/11” on Cheney. Turns around 9/11 Commission on Cheney. Cheney battered and in the corner. Two points to Edwards. Cheney’s lips tight and he skips away from the ropes with the history of Al-Zarqawi. Turns out of clinch to hit Edwards: it’s Zarqawi you see on television executing Americans. Two points to Cheney.
Round —Draw, 2-2.

Like me, he seems to think that Edwards scored more on the specific issues up for grabs, but that Cheney came out in better shape. What is this, a Phyrric victory? Bunker Hill all over again? I still can't believe Edwards stumbled that much in his delivery.

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