Thursday, October 21, 2004

Do or die

I've got on my Colt .45s cap. To my left is my autographed Joes Cruuuuuuuz baseball, to my right is my Buzz Aldrin/Neil Armstrong 25th Moon Landing Anniversary Astros Commemorative Astros baseball. My stein is filled with dark brown homebrew ale. On the mound tonight is the Rocket, Roger Clemens, fully rested and ready to go. In the bullpen is 20-game winner Roy Oswalt, with "Lights Out" Brad Lidge ready to slam the door in the 9th. Ready to step into the batter's box are the Killer Bs, the most powerful hitting lineup ever to grace a Houston manager's bench. Backing them up is more than 40 years of history as the winningest team never to play in the World Series. This one's for the Astros fans, the Colt .45s fans, even the Buffs fans. This is for keeping Carlos Beltran, and ending the careers of Bagwell and Biggio on a high note. This is for the Astrodome, the Eighth Wonder of the World. It's for Nolan Ryan and Mike Scott. It's for Larry Dierker and the Toy Cannon. "Crazy" Charlie Kerfeld and Glenn Davis and Alan Ashby. Joe Niekro and Bob Knepper, Daryl Kyle, Ken Caminitti and Cesar Cedeno. It for those glorious rainbow uniforms, and rainouts in a domed stadium. It's for redemption, of finally shedding the underachiever stigma.

It's gametime. Give 'em hell, Astros!

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