Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Armadillocon pictures

For lack of time and inclination to post a thorough writeup of my Armadillocon experience at this point, I'll cheat and stick up a handful of pics I took over the course of the weekend. First up is Friday's writers workshop. Below you'll find a photo of Melissa Tyler, my co-chair in name only, as she did 99.9 percent of the work necessary to pull the event off. The other pic is one of happy participants and an instructor or two partaking in Julie Czerneda's alien-building exercise.


Next, we have Mark Finn revealing to Kim Kofmel (the legendary she of Apollocon) that he is actually Esther Friesner, and has been perpetrating a Tiptree in reverse all these many years. Don't laugh--a few minutes later, he revealed this secret to all during the opening ceremonies. The next pic shows other, non-Finn/Friesner guests of honor: Fan GoH Grant Kruger (left), GoH Julie Czerneda and Special Guest James P. Hogan.


And here we have a photo of shutterbug Elze Hamilton taking a photo of pretty much the same folks I have in my pics above. At the time I thought there was something profound in that, but I'd just eaten at Freebirds, so it was probably just the habaƱero sauce. The next shot gathers some, but not all of the regular Armadillocon reprobates. Pictured left to right are Chris Roberson, Mikal Trimm, Jess "Don't Call Me Jeff" Nevins and Renee "Cut Me Outta the Frame Whydon'tcha?" Babcock. In the background, you can see Editor GoH Diana Gill desperately searching for a way out of the madhouse.


That's enough for now. More to come later.

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