Thursday, August 24, 2006

Boy, my day just keeps on getting better

Let's see, first I lose all my email to an Outlook compacting frenzy, the Tooth Fairy forgets to come for Keela's tooth last night (forgot to mention that earlier--I'm a baaaad parent), and there's a potential blow-up crisis at work that, if it reaches the tipping point, will make my life miserable for six weeks or so, minimum. So how can we improve on that? Why, by reading that the I.D.-friendly folks at the Vatican have given Rev. George Coyne the boot, replacing him as head of the Vatican Observatory. Coyne, you may remember, is one of my heroes for calling "Intelligent Design" as the crock that it really is.
Pope Benedict XVI has appointed a new director of the Vatican Observatory, replacing the Rev. George Coyne, a long-serving Jesuit astronomer and a vocal opponent of "intelligent design" theory.

It was unclear if the replacement of Coyne, the observatory's director since 1978, reflected a sense of disapproval within the Vatican over his opposition to intelligent design -- the idea that the world is too complex to have been created by natural events alone.

The Discovery Institute, of course, is having an outright field day with this, claiming it shows the Catholic Church endorses their brand of creationism, etc. Bah.

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