Thursday, August 24, 2006

A foul and evil mood

There is a special circle of hell reserved for Bill Gates and his minions. When frellin' Windows insists on compacting all email folders even when I don't want it to, that's not serving the customer. I don't give a shit if Outlook will run faster and more efficiently. Especially when three years' worth of emails --sent, received and drafts--abruptly vanish. A lot was junk, sure, but lost in there were messages from Michael Moorcock, Charles de Lint, Samuel R. Delany, Damien Broderick and who knows what else. Miraculously, the several hundred spam emails in my deleted folder remain untouched. I do not need some stick-up-his-ass techie on the MS tech support boards condescendingly explaining that compacting does not delete emails. Fine, asswipe. Encrypted, zipped, corrupted... call it what you will. The shit's gone.

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