Friday, August 18, 2006

More Armadillocon pics

Okay, it is taking me longer to post these than planned. All I can say is, "You get what you pay for." So here're a few more shots to entertain you folks. First up is yours truly and Author GoH Julie Czerneda. Julie's a tremendous amount of fun, and her enthusiasm is downright infectious. The next shot, below right, features one of those weird "Separated at Birth" comparisons Spy used to run all the time. Who knew Charles Siros and John Picacio looked so much alike? Can you tell them apart?


Below, left, is a rarely-photographed meeting between two Austin literary legends--Bradley Denton and Neal Barrett, Jr. The exchange between the two went, I believe, something like this: Brad, "Hey Neal, are you ever going to pay me back that $20 you borrowed back in '97?" Neal, "I don't think so!" Below, right, is a scene from the "Fannish Feud" panel, with Fan GoH Grant Kruger in the foreground and Special Guest James P. Hogan standing farther back. There are other people in the pic as well, but identifying them would take effort.


Below, left, we're still on the "Fannish Feud" panel. Scott Bobo is famous (or infamous) for his partying abilities, his martini-mixing skills in particular. He mixed quite a few for this panel, which could go a long way toward explaining why the pros did so miserably in the game (I would like to point out that the one year I was on "Fannish Feud," nobody gave me so much as a flat beer!). The final pic in this set shows those hapless, snookered pros falling hopelessly for their opponents' martini-fueled ruse. From left to right we have Julie Czerneda, James P. Hogan, Diana Gill and John Picacio.


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