Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Night Videos

I had planned on posting a pretty cool video from another band, but I stumbled upon this gem from Triumph. I had their album, Sport of Kings in high school, and played the heck out of it until the cassette got stolen on a trip to South Padre Island. Triumph was a fun Canadian rock group in the hair metal era that never quite struck the jackpot, despite a scattering of hits here and there.

So why'd I post this one rather than the one I'd planned? Well, with all the hoo-ha regarding Pluto's demotion from "Classical Planet" to "Dwarf Planet," it seemed oddly appropriate to run this video with its prominent display of telescopes. And anything that promotes voyeurism can't be all bad, right? Personally, I think all telescopes and observatories should be done up in garish, day-glow colors.

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