Friday, August 04, 2006

Winged visitor

Not all butterflies attracted to passiflora in Texas are Gulf fritillaries. This black swallowtail swooped in right after six p.m. and proceeded to sample three separate blossoms before continuing on its journey.


It was quite windy, so neither the passion flower vine nor the butterfly held still long enough to get many good shots, but these two turned out interesting, I think.


Would that my passion flowers attract as many different types of butterflies as it does wasps. My goodness--I suspect a representative of ever wasp, hornet and yellow jacket species in Texas is at my house, right now, stealing nectar.

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  1. Those are both great shots.

  2. Love it! Great inspiring photos! I wish I can get such beautiful butterflies onto my passiflora here in Southern California. I pinned your photo with link to your blog on my Pinterest board...