Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Schlitterbahn A Go-Go

My, oh my. It appears that MTV is coming to New Braunfels:
The title may not be as sexy as "Laguna Beach," but television producers and management of a Central Texas water-based theme park are betting a new show will become a darling of the high school set.

With the succinct working title "Waterpark," the show could invade homes the world over a year from now, if MTV producers follow through with plans to film a reality show at New Braunfels' Schlitterbahn.

A casting call of current staffers began last weekend and continues through Sunday. Those who work at the water park — from lifeguards to food and beverage personnel — are encouraged to submit a headshot, bio and photos of friends. So far, about 50 have.

Unfortunately, they seem to be looking for folks aged 16-22. Youngsters. Preferrably beautiful (although that's not actually listed anywhere, it kinda goes without saying). Alas, there is no mention of slots open for fat, 30-something science fiction writers. Must be an oversight, I'm sure.
Siebert said camera crews would follow the cast members around the water park as they deal with the issues of the day, and after work as they hang out with friends. MTV producers should have plenty of folks to pick from, since more than 2,000 employees are hired as seasonal workers at the park, which stretches over more than 65 acres.

"If you want to be on the show you have to work here first," Siebert said. "You never know when a star might be born."

Okay, here's one more thing: School's started back up, so the park's only open on weekends now until Sept. 17. If they're just now casting, that gives them a grand total of three weekends for filming. If they wanted relationship "drama," wouldn't it make more sense to start back in May, when the park actually opens for the season?

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  1. Scott Cupp12:26 PM

    Go for it, Jayme. PLy the casting director with mead and make yourself a star!

  2. If they need any dirty old men, I'm available.