Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cross Plains Universe press

Hey kids! John Joseph Adams interviews Scott Cupp on the forthcoming Cross Plains Universe anthology over on SciFi Wire. And yours truly is even mentioned, belive it or not:
"We got a Briton Roman occupation weird horror story from Ardath Mayhar, ... a modern horror story from Neal Barrett Jr., a very weird western from fantasy writer C. Dean Andersson (featuring his female Norse barbarian warrior, Bloodsong), new work from Howard Waldrop (a Mexican fantasy featuring the great-nephew of [Howard's character] Breckinridge Elkins) ... and a 'Multiverse' story from Michael Moorcock. We [also] got some indescribable stories such as Lawrence Person's 'The Toughest Jew in the West' and Jayme Lynn Blaschke's very alternate-world fantasy of giant apes."

And come to think of it, "Very alternate-world fantasy of giant apes" describes my piece pretty effectively.

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