Monday, August 21, 2006

Interesting times

Today is Keela's first day of kindergarten, and Calista started second grad. Lisa took them to school, documenting the whole affair on video. I got to stay home with Orion, who let me know quite clearly I was not who he wanted.

Meanwhile, the new semester is starting and the reserved staff parking lot--empty all summer long--is mysteriously full now as hordes of students register for classes, financial aid and other such things. My $140 staff parking permit is giving me the privilege of parking two blocks away and hiking cross country to get to the office.

And I've discovered the quickest way to deflate one's ego is to get a dismal royalty statement in the mail. Seriously--works like a charm. Did I mention I have a pounding headache that's laughed off all the Tylenol and ibuprophin I've thown at it? Joy.

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