Thursday, April 25, 2013

84/365: Mexican fritillary caterpillar

I know I've photographed Mexican fritillary caterpillars before, but my final Karl Blossfeldt-inspired project was a perfect venue for this guy. With very few exceptions, Blossfeldt didn't photograph insects, so this was a chance to differentiate myself even further from him. Plus, I knew from experience that the caterpillars had a alien look to them that would go over well. The orange tones of the caterpillar didn't lend themselves to good contrast, so I cranked up the filter to 4 on the enlarger for this one, if I recall correctly. That accounts for the dramatic black-and-white patterning on the insect.

365 photo project, macro Mexican fritillary caterpillar, Lisa On location photography. New Braunfels, Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio. Karl Blossfeldt

Camera: Canon Elan 7ne
Film: Kodak T-Max 400
Lens: Canon 100mm 2.8 macro
Lisa On Location Photography

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