Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Night Videos

Today's Friday Night Videos installment features an amazing archival find: Shorty Rogers and His Giants performing "Martian Bossa Nova on Frankly Jazz, a Los Angeles jazz program from the early 1960s. Just watching the intro, style and formality of the era is fascinating, in a swinging cool kinda way. This was before lip-synching became common, so the piece was performed live. Even more impressive was the fact that Rogers and his band composed it piece on the car ride over to the studio! And if I may confess, I was actually looking for another Rogers piece, "Here's That Old Martian Again," which I quite like, but there doesn't seem to be any footage of him performing it online. Still, discovering this gem makes it worthwhile.

Previously on Friday Night Videos... The Traveling Wilburys.

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