Thursday, June 08, 2006

Austin Mountain Zhang

Looks like Austin's getting another top-quality spec fic author. Must be some cosmic balancing of the scales to make up for Bruce Sterling packing up and heading off to Europe. In any event, the insanely talented Maureen McHugh will soon be calling the Lone Star State home:
For the last month Bob has been in the process of being courted for and finally accepting a new job in Austin, Texas. Today I could finally announce it.

Since it has been difficult to think about much of anything else, I have been very lax about posting. Now I will probably write a lot of posts about how it sucks to move.

But I am excited to think that I will be moving to a place with bats and moonlight towers. Oh, and I bought a membership to World Fantasy Convention.

Going to have to get her invited to Armadillocon, for sure. And it looks like Turkey City has another potential victim workshop participant.

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