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I will be so, so, so glad when this chapter is finished. It's an utter and complete struggle to get anything on paper. It's like that section in The Fellowship of the Ring after they escape the Balrog but before they reach Lothlorien. Not a whole heck of a lot happens, but you can't get from point A to point B without it. Still, it does give me a chance to reveal some interesting (at least, I think it's interesting) information about Lidozrout anatomy:
Jachym snorted. "I still hate them. I hate them from their piggy noses to their curly horns."

"They don't have horns."

Jachym stared at Ctibor as if he were mad.

"They don't have horns," Ctibor repeated. "Lidozrout have tusks. They grow from the upper jaw up through the snout. That's why most of the ones you'll see have them jutting straight up between the eyes, with only a small curve to it. It's the old boars that get that corkscrew look to 'em. Those tusks get so big though, it pushes their eyes out of the sockets. Can't see worth a damn."


"Tusks," Ctibor nodded. "The older the boar, the more cockeyed they get. The big ones might be the toughest and strongest, but they're also the easiest to kill. That big boar in the Kostel, he sent his young warriors to attack first. That wasn't cowardice, it was strategy."

I love it that the Lidozrout are far more complex as a society than they appear at first glance. Which is to say they're not mere cannon-fodder hordes of orcs with a hard-to-pronounce species name. And they're not evil, at least not in a strict sense. While the Lidozrout have a presence all the way through Wetsilver, they're never front and center, which I think makes them all the more intriguing and mysterious. If Wetsilver sells, however, I have the vague outlines of a sequel--or rather a follow-up, since none of the Wetsilver characters would appear in it--in which the "Matter of the Lidozrout" is very much the crux of the story, indeed. But, ah, first things first as they say.

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