Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Domestic bliss

Before I met Lisa, I had a number of girlfriends--some serious, others less so. Invariably, when it came down to various gift-giving occasions, they would present me with something like cardigan sweaters, cologne or maybe gift certificates for a full pedicure and facial. Needless to say, they would get mighty pissed when I failed to jump for joy. Lisa, on the other hand, gave me a Marvin the Martian shirt for my birthday after we'd been dating only a few months. Marvin the Martian! Eleven years now, and she's yet to disappoint. Case in point: Her 10-year wedding anniversary gift to me:

I ask you, does this woman have her finger on the pulse of my particular brand of geekdom, or what? And no matter what you've heard about this book, it's better. Go buy yourself a copy. Now. You'll be glad you did.

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