Monday, June 19, 2006

Post-Father's Day report

For my Father's Day meal, we went to San Antonio and dined at Casa Rio on the Riverwalk. The kids then forgave Lisa and I for going to the Riverwalk for our anniversary and not taking them along. We wandered around for a bit, bought a straw, Dwight Yoakum-style cowboy hat for Lisa, a big, floppy, leopard-print "Huggy Bear" type hat for Calista and a charm bracelet for Keela. Ate ice cream. Stopped at Half-Price Books on the way home and browsed only a bit before Orion got cranky.

The gift-giving was pretty much what I've come to expect from my brood. Firstly, there were wonderful framed pictures of each of my children, posed while wearing my clothes. These are now hanging on my office wall. Very cute. I didn't get a present from Lisa/Orion because the Amazon shipment ran late, but I have it on good authority I'm getting the DVD of Dark Star and Jack Williamson's autobiography Wonder's Child. Calista worked the "I'll get something I want that I know he wants, too" angle to perfection, giving me the DVD of Snoopy, Come Home. Good choice. By far the best of the theatrical Peanuts movies. And then Keela... ah, Keela. The child who gave me Supergirl panties last Father's Day presents me with a bottle of mouthwash this time around. And not even Scope or an upscale mouthwash. Nope, generic. She was very proud of her selection as well. I'll give her one thing--predictability is not a trap she's likely to fall into any time soon!

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