Thursday, June 01, 2006


Completed just over 2,000 words last night on Wetsilver. I'm pretty impressed with that number, but it's another deceptive one. I unexpectedly found several significant passages from an early draft of the material that was not only salvageable, but was pretty darn good at that. The kicker is that I never reached this section of the storyline in my last attempted rewrite from a year ago, so it dated to some time before that. I could tell because certain name and place names hadn't been changed to their current incarnations. But it also shows that my thinking on the story structure today dovetails nicely with what I was thinking then. And I'd completely forgotten about writing any of this. Isn't that bizarre?
"Who," whispered Jachym, "is that?"

Gauthier glanced over, and gave a snort. "Huh. Remember how I said I'd been up all night because of visitors? She's one of them. The important one."

"She's so... so..." Jachym managed.

"Hah. Like she'd beard someone as rat-nasty as you. Take a closer look at what you'd be getting yourself mixed up with, and tell me if you don't have second thoughts."

Jachym started to ask for an explanation, but the woman turned then, glancing back the way she'd come. On her left cheek, a stylized znak dazzled in the sunlight. A wetsilver tattoo.

"Oh. Oh!"

"Damn right. You could probably be killed for what you were thinking just a moment ago," Gauthier said.

Because of the integration of the new material, the chapter's running too long right now. I'll try my hand at editing out a page or so of content tonight, but then... then the fun really begins. I'll have exhausted all my pre-exisiting copy (even though maybe 75 percent of the story this time has been all-new) and anything that comes after is uncharted territory. And that, my friends, is when I fear these 2,000-word nights will become a thing of the past, and I'll have to settle for a mere 150 words or so at a go.

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