Wednesday, June 07, 2006


More interruptions and time sinks yesterday ate into the writing last night, but I did manage a solid 500 words on Wetsilver. I also realized I'd miscounted somewhere along the line, and was shortchanging myself 500 words or so. So boom! I'm farther along than I thought. At 500 words a pop, I ought to recount every night--I'd be finished with this novel in no time.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
15,500 / 90,000

I learned an interesting thing last night. A major supporting character--who'd made brief appearances in several of the previous drafts--had no name. At least none that I could recall. I checked the previous versions of the story, my copious notes compiled over the years... nothing. Which I find very odd indeed. It's not like me to work up as much backstory for a character as I've done for this guy, and then not bother to name him. That realization stopped me in my tracks (obsessive as I am) and sent me on a name quest before I could continue writing. My search was very narrow, with a number of specific parameters. And sonofagun, wouldn't you know I found the perfect name for this guy? Ctibor. It's a variation of the Polish name Czcibor, and means "an honorable fight" or "an honorable battle." Either way, it fits this guy in every way imaginable--so much so that I'm left wondering it I had named him Ctibor in an early draft, and just lost those references.

Sometimes, you just gotta believe the magic works!

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