Monday, June 12, 2006

Listen to the Dom

Dom Salemi's Brutarian has proven to be a dependable market for me over the years, even though it's gone through a number of upheavals in that time. Now, Dom has been interviewed by Robert Rousseau over at The Dark Krypt and, as you would expect, has some interesting things to say.
ROUSSEAU: When interviewing a horror author or dark lyricist for a magazine, what are some questions that a writer has to ask?

SALEMI: What won’t they write about. What really scares them. Do they buy into Stephen King’s three levels: terror/horror/ gross out (in descending order)? Is there such a thing as an immoral book? Horror is not a reputable genre, so why not branch out? Why is most horror writing so jejeune?

ROUSSEAU: What do you mean when you say that horror is not a reputable genre? Why is that the case?

SALEMI: Because the genre has allowed sensationalism and vulgarity to take the place of art and accomplishment. Hacks are lauded for nothing other than persistence, so good writers go elsewhere.

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