Wednesday, June 14, 2006

NASFiC bound

This comes as something as a surprise, but I'll be attending Archon 31, otherwise known as the North American Science Fiction Convention, Aug. 2-5, 2007. I know--as hard as it is to believe, Jayme's venturing out of state for a con. And you have the poor, misguided concom to thank/blame for that.

I'd known that the NASFiC was coming up, but other than a general, "Gosh, it'd be nice to go," I hadn't given it much thought. Until the other day, when an invitation to be a program participant arrived. Lisa asked where it was going to be, and I told her St. Louis. That got the gears turning, and we quickly figured out that we could put together a week-long road trip with stops in Little Rock and Memphis along the way. We could let the girls dig for riches in Crater of Diamonds. We could check out the Jungle Room at Graceland. We could make the grand tour of Busch Gardens. In short, it could be one hell of a vacation.

Keep in mind that Lisa and I enjoyed our share of road trips back in the day. For our Honeymoon, we drove out to the Grand Canyon, stopping at Meteor Crater, Laka Havasu, Roswell and going past the VLA in New Mexico. We had a blast, and Lisa's long been itching to head east. Granted, this trip is more northward than anything, but it's east of where we've gone before. And we get to avoid Oklahoma entirely, which can only be considered good thing.

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