Monday, June 05, 2006

Well... frell

Shaping up to be something of a stressful day. In addition to some reports from the wife of some annoying drama playing out on the homefront, I've also just gotten word from highers-up at work. It seems a project of mine is to be told it's being taken out to the park to play, but in reality will be taken over to a handy-dandy veterinarian to be neutered instead. This is all metaphore, mind you. I don't actually work with animals.

This development is particularly frustrating because the project is one I was specifically hired to do as a primary responsibility way back when. I was supposed to "think outside of the box" and all of that. Ultimately, the end result wasn't particularly cutting-edge or groundbreaking, but it did a damn good job of accomplishing everything I was charged with doing. The marketing gurus are in charge now, and certain features have come under the ax because they're not "on message."


This isn't a battle I care to fight. The plug is pulled, the directive enacted. I'm just very frustrated because I was proud of what I accomplished with this, and up until now, feedback had been overwhelmingly positive. Specifically, the evidence cited as proof of failure is one of the first things I'd cite as evidence of success. Ah well, no use crying any more than necessary. It's not like I don't have enough on my plate as it is...

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  1. I'm betting you have better news to post today.