Monday, June 19, 2006

Wasted day

Just so you folks know things ain't all peaches and cream at chez Blaschke, I'm sick today. Yesterday, too, despite the Father's Day jaunt to Old San Antone. I woke up with a raw, sandpapery sore throat, and deep, evil congestion. Yesterday I burned through the last few doses of Vick's DayQuil we had in the medicine cabinet, and life wasn't so miserable. Today, however, I had to buy some more--and all they have these days is the "Reformulated" version, with Phenylephedrine. What a mind-bogglingly useless medication. I'm popping these things like they're going out of style, and I still can't breathe a lick. They're kick-ass when it comes to making my mouth all pasty and inspiring unquenchable thirst, however. They got the suckiness part of the equation right.

Stupid meth dealers. I want my toxic medications back, and available over-the-counter where they belong!

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